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Dux Retail
Caprichem offers a vast number of products for nearly every daily living cleaning requirement. Browse through our air fresheners, all-purpose cleaners, disinfectants, dishwashing liquids, washing powders, liquid bleaches, fabric softeners, window cleaners and so many others. Our complete range of products means you and your family are greeted by germ-free areas, shining surfaces, sparkling glass, clean walls, immaculate floors, and gleaming tableware everywhere you look. Choose the right cleaning products to help you get more than you bargained for.

Hygenie - Magical Hygiene / Food & Beverage
Our HYGENIE brand offers products for food processing facilities, poultry farms, breweries, beverage manufacturers, dairies, bakeries, restaurants, food retailers, and basically all food preparation areas. Most of our products used in the Food and Beverage industry are SABS 1853 and SABS 1828 registered. All our disinfectants are tested and approved by NRCS against the Compulsory Specification for Disinfectants and Detergent Disinfectants (VC8054) and bears a registration number. It also conforms to the European standards(EN1276) and is tested to a Log 5, which means it kills 99.999% of all germs.

Geco Clean Living – Biological / Environmental Care
Caprichem is very focused on sustainability, ensuring that the cleaning products we use are safe for people and the environment, a reality fast becoming increasingly important. The time is never better than the present time. Consumers, retailers, regulators, and non-governmental organizations are continuously asking for greener products that are biodegradable, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly which are gentler on the planet and the end-users. That goes for all industries. Caprichem is on an ambitious journey to convert as many harmful detergents to biological detergents without compromising cleaning performance and cost. Enabling environmentally friendly detergents that don’t compromise on cost and cleaning performance calls for reformulations, innovations, and committed customers who share our vision and mission. Join us on the journey of converting from harmful detergents to biological detergents.

Breedz Professional Pet Care
Veterinary is one of our new divisions. At Caprichem we understand the importance of looking after our animal friends and seeing to their daily needs. Having pets, such as dogs, cats, and horses, provides such great benefits to people. Pets can reduce a person’s stress, anxiety, and depression levels. You will never feel alone, and they encourage you to exercise, be playful and to be loving every day, which leads to improvements in your cardiovascular health! Caring for your pet can help children grow up more secure, active and give them a sense of responsibility. Pets provide such valuable companionship for not just children but for older adults too. So, let’s not sacrifice quality for cost. Spoil your pet with Breedz products and show them the love they deserve.

Wizard Magical Floorcare
Today we are one of the largest suppliers of floorcare products supplying the industrial, commercial and domestic markets. Our WIZARD floorcare products boast a complete range of cleaning, stripping, and sealing products. Highly concentrated ammoniated and non-ammoniated strippers, a range of maintenance products, removable detergent-resistant floor polish polymers, highly durable stain-resistant floor sealers as well as wood and concrete cleaners and sealers. Wizard Magical Floorcare also covers a complete range of carpet care products such as high foam and low foam shampoos, in powder and liquid form, supported with a full range of eleven different spotters for all those stubborn stains. These products are truly magical for they work so quickly and so easily.

Fantasia Personal Care
Our Personal Care products supply consumers with health and beauty products designed to promote health, vitality, beauty, and an overall good feel. From linen sprays blended with the finest of fragrances to uplift the mood in a bedroom and make you feel welcome and cared for, to a burning tealite candle filling the air with one of twenty Pot Pourri oils to represent, warmth, comfort, love, and romance. When using Fantasia products, it will always set a soft warm, and romantic atmosphere. So, without delay take your senses on a magical journey and enjoy and experience the vast range of Fantasia Potpourri Oils, Shower Gels, Bath Salts and Bubble Baths.

Stallion Professional Car Care
For over 25 years Caprichem has driven the progress as a leader in the development of products and processes in the automotive industry. We introduced our first car shampoo in 1995, and since then have continued to design a complete range of Stallion products. Now we boast with more than forty different products ranging from the front bumper to the back bumper. The range includes various shampoos, polishes, sealers, engine cleaners, engine renewals, dashboard cleaners, dashboard protectors, upholstery cleaners, mag wheel cleaners, tyre polishes and so much more. We cover the complete spectrum of valeting your car.

Degrasol Engineering
Caprichem has been developing and producing cleaning- and metal surface treatment products since 1995. We supply an innovative and complete range of quality cleaning chemicals such as industrial cleaners, degreasers, rust removers, rust convertors, metal brighteners, hand cleaners, and so much more. The Degrasol product range covers a large spectrum of industries such as the general workshop, construction, marine, food and beverage, automotive, and just about anywhere where grease, grime, or oil needs to be cleaned.

@Delights Lamps & Lamp Oils
To uplift the ambiance of a restaurant and make a customer feel welcome and cared for. A burning @delights lamp represents, warmth, comfort, love and romance. It will set a soft warm and romantic atmosphere. Whether you are indoors or outdoors or in the open air, @delights Lamps will provide the entertainer’s requirements to create a romantic ambiance and to create unforgettable memories.

Taurus Construction Chemicals
Our construction chemicals division offers advanced chemical solutions for new construction, maintenance, repair, and renovation of structures. The Taurus brand offers various concrete admixtures such as plasticizers, waterproofers, cement accelerators, mould release oils, shutter release oils, chemical solutions for underground construction, concrete etching, concrete sealants, concrete cleaners, metal cleaners, and brighteners, and much more.

Phoenix Torch Oil
PHOENIX TORCH OIL is an ultra-pure natural torch fuel for use in torches, lamps, and lanterns. It is used for lighting up the outdoor environment for people who love the outdoors. It has specially been formulated to withstand inclement weather, leaving you with a constant beautiful outdoor experience all year round. PHOENIX TORCH OIL is great for lighting up patios, landscaped areas, campsites, and just about anywhere, where the outdoors takes you. PHOENIX TORCH OIL burns clean, lean and provides a great flame, and lasts for a long time, allowing you to engage in regular activities during the day and night.

Ferguson's Family Favourite
The FERGUSN’S FAMILY FAVOURITE product range was specially formulated as a flavour enhancer for beef, pork, lamb, ribs, chicken, fish, salads and drinks. The range is free from sweeteners, with no added flavouring, colouring or preservatives. Every dish will retain its premium taste, flavour and freshness. When using Ferguson’s Family Favourite products, it adds flavour to add zestiness to your meals and drinks, it is so delicious your taste buds will be wanting more and more. The FERUGUSON’S FAMILY FAVOURITE product range is a must when adding flavour to salads, desserts, drinks and meats. Make every mealtime a Ferguson's Family Favourite.

Eezy Budget Affordable Chemicals
The Eezy Budget brand is our house brand for the Chemical City stores. It is an affordable product range for those who don’t want to spend too much money and who is working with a tight budget. It is also focused on the small businessman who resells chemical products in various industries. The Eezy Budget product range covers the domestic, automotive industry, institutional as well and hospitality industries. When visiting a Chemical City store you will find it to be a one-stop shop! Stockist of SABS-approved products, HACCP equipment, various chemicals, and cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners, mopping trolleys, mops, brooms, brushware, rags, scourers, and much more.

Kings Guard Specialized Fabric Care Products
KINGS GUARD is a fluorine-free impregnation agent based on silicone active ingredients. It is ideal for impregnating natural or synthetic textiles in the laundry industry. It is also well suited for hydrophobing most different materials such as textiles, leather, wood, cork, paper, and much more. It was specially formulated for high-performance textiles when high-performance laundry care products are required in order to achieve specific and perceptible benefits such as water repellency through wash impregnation. KINGS GUARD was formulated to be suitable for various textiles such as curtains, couches, carpets, shoes and all types of outdoor clothing which require water-repellency properties. It will provide lasting protection against soils and stains leaving fabric cleaner for longer. KINGS GUARD also helps reduce fading due to its protective properties, absorbs and dries easily with no change to the look or feel of the fabric.

Pro-Dose Professional Liquid Laundry Solutions
Caprichem offers a premium line of high-quality detergents, spotters, and additives for laundry and dry cleaning. Full range of laundry products designed for banquet facilities, hotels, hospitals, and long-term care, from softeners, that soften the fabric and to starches that stiffen it. As an add-on service to our customers, Caprichem has a Technical Division whereby we offer Technical Services such as the descaling of dishwashing machines, regular service calls, and minor repairs. We can also supply portion-controlled equipment for the correct product use, which means that products are dosed at the right proportion cost-effectively. We do Dosing units for dishwashing machines and laundry machines, BD2’s and Tap feeders for kitchen sinks for manual dishwashing, Click-a-mixers for custom portion control of chemicals, Foaming units for the Automotive Industries as well as hand soap dispensers, etc.

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