Caprichem (Pty) Ltd. was established in 1995 and for over nineteen (19) years, Caprichem has become
one of the well-known names in the Chemical Industry. With a highly experienced staff compliment, we
have penetrated numerous sectors of the market making us one of the most diversified Chemical Companies.
We boast with a very large variety of divisions catering for most sectors within the market namely
automotive, construction, dairy, engineering, floor care, food & beverage, hospitality, laundry, marine, personal care, retail and veterinary. We have been manufacturing private labels for all above industries
since day way. At Caprichem our aim is simple, it is to provide a total chemical manufacturing and supply solution to meet your company’s needs. We offer a fully confidential and flexible manufacturing service
with our comprehensive processing, technical and logistical services.

Whether your company is ...

  • A new or virtual business seeking a manufacturing facility in order to develop your business
  • An organisation seeking to consolidate or restructure but wishing to maintain a product range
  • An international business seeking a ‘gateway’ into other markets
  • A company under tight financial constraints but with a compelling business requirement
  • Wanting to import commodity chemicals from developing markets for conversion to add value
  • Concerned with finding a new supplier focused on service and quality but at competitive rates


Caprichem continuously works hand in hand with our Raw Material Importers in developing new products and keeping up to date with new developments abroad. Our contract manufacturing division constantly requires us to develop products for those whom we manufacture for. We have our own in-house laboratory as well. We utilize our research and development in conjunction with our in-house laboratory’s qualified Analytical Chemist to ensure product integrity, uphold ISO 9001 Standards, handle customers queries
and keep abreast with new trends and developments within the Industry.
We can create a range of products with your own private label. We can use our own raw materials, formulations and packaging or you can supply your own raw materials, formulations and packaging if so required.


Caprichem also has an in house art department with highly qualified staff updating and maintaining our in house website, designing labels, letter heads, business cards, data sheet and any marketing material
that is required from time to time. We can assist in private label designing and in house printing to keep costs down.
We specialise in contract manufacturing, chemical blending, powder blending, solvent blending, wax emulsions al in different formats like tablets, creams, gels, powders, foams and liquids all covered under secrecy agreements.
In addition we manufacturer and supply a range of detergents under our own brand names, covering
various industries.


In addition to our extensive selection of products we have 32 general purpose mixing vessel available.
These range in capacity from 500 lire to 5000 litre with variable speed agitation, high shear mixing, heating and cooling and several digital water monitoring meters.
The selection of liquid processing equipment in our dedicated facility offers a wide range of capabilities
from blending a variety of products ranging from dishwashing liquids, fabric softeners, bleaches, disinfectants, alkali cleaners, solvent cleaners, drain cleaners, floor sealers, strippers and so much more.
Caprichem also offers three 1000 litre mixing vessels delicately used for blending of solvents.  These
thanks are also connected to an eight head bottle filler used for packing of varies products such as engine cleaner, antifreeze and a range of marine chemicals.  These mixers will give an excellent blend producing high quality finished products.
Packaging sizes in the liquid plant range from 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1 litre, 2 litre, 5 litre, 25 litre
cans as well as 210 litre drums.


Caprichem also offers complete stainless steel gel plant, consisting of six vessels with a capacity of 500
litre gel per batch. This gel plant gives great thorough mixing leaving no unmixed particles producing a firm ringing gel.
Packaging sizes in the gel plant range from 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre, 2 litre, 5 litre, 25 litre buckets and cans
as well as 210 litre drums.


We have a dedicated emulsion facility including wax melting pots, high shear mixers and a homogeniser ensuring we are able to manufacture a comprehensive range of emulsions. This processing equipment offers a wide range of capabilities from metal cleaners to furniture polishes, leather creams, barrier
creams, floor waxes and so much more.


The selection of powder processing equipment in our dedicated facility offers a wide range of capabilities from powder blending of a variety of products ranging from laundry powders, bleaching powders, alkali cleaners, floor cleaners and the capability of mixing liquid sludge - powder blends.
Caprichem offers  two  stainless steel powder blenders with a capacity of up to 1 tonne per batch
depending on the bulk density of the powders. These blenders will give a very gentle mixing action
producing high quality finished products.
Caprichem also offers a complete stainless steel sludge plant with a capacity of 500 kilograms sludge
per batch. This sludge plant will give a great thorough mix leaving no unmixed particles producing a fluffy
dry finish powder.
Packaging sizes in the powder plant range from 500 gram tubs, 2 kilogram, 5kilogram, 25 kilogram
buckets and polywoven bags.


Caprichem offers total flexibility in material handling, storage and packing. In addition to our processing capabilities we can repack your product from bulk or other packaging into containers ranging from 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1 litre, 2 litre, 5 litres, 25 litres and even up to 1000 litre flow bins.
We also offer a state of the art form fill and seal machine to provide our clients with the option of portion control packets for powders in a variety of sizes ranging from 6 gram to 200 grams.


We have a 3500m warehouse with a 2500 m concrete yard to service our customers’ requirements.


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