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ENGINE-GLO is a silicone emulsion formulated for the cleaning and protection of all painted, rubber, plastic covers and fittings connected to your engine thus keeping your engine looking showroom new. A white water base silicone emulsion to be used on all rubber hoses, plastic covers and fittings. It is a three in one cleaner, protector and re-newer.


A safe to use acidic base cleaner for the removal of iron deposits. INDUSTRIAL FALLOUT REMOVER is a purpose designed compound for removing grit & grime originating in industrial areas and which specifically is found on vehicle bodies.


INSECT-O-STRIP is a concentrated blend of synthetic detergents and wetting agents formulated for the cleaning and removal of insect residues from windscreens, grills, bumpers, fiberglass canopies and any painted car, bus and truck panels. Cleans without streaking and is safe to be used on plastic, chrome, stainless steel and painted surfaces.


Ideal for the removal of tar, bitumen, oil, pitch and grease from all hard surfaces. A clear water white liquid with a characteristic odour. TAR BITUMEN REMOVER contains solvents, emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors and wetting agents.


CAPRIKLEEN 150 is a carefully formulated and tested product that has proved beneficial for the building industry, cement and concrete industries. CAPRIKLEEN 150 removes troilings, water, scale, excess cement on cement trucks, building equipment etc. CAPRIKLEEN 150 is inhibited, therefore it may be used without damage to paintwork on the trucks, (aluminium or steel) and any other surfaces where unwanted cement tracings or spills are found. Zinc and stainless steel components are however excepted.

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