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For over 20 years Caprichem has driven the progress as a leader in the development of products and processes in the automotive industry. We introduced our first car shampoo in 1995, and since then have continued to design a complete range of Stallion products.

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Car Sealers, Strippers & Polishers

Autoseal, Autoclean, Airglaze, Coachwash

Heavy Duty Streak Free Car Shampoos

Autowash SF, Carwash Concentrate, Bluewash & Wax, Autoshine & Wax, Autowash & Wax, Autowash & Wax Super Concentrated, Truckwash

Concentrated Shampoos To Be Used Through Foaming Units

Enviro Degreaser 2000, Enviro Degreaser 4000, Fleetclean

Dashboard Cleaner & Protectors

Dash, Silicone Crystal, Leather-Nu

Concentrated Air Fresheners

Starfresh Cherry, Starfresh Floral, Starfresh Citrus, Starfresh Lavender, Starfresh Peach, Starfresh Tutti Frutti, Stallion Maxi Fresh

Heavy Duty All Purpose Cleaners

Dux Klentol, Dux Caprikleen, Stallion Windscreen Wash

Engine Coolants & Maintenance Products

Degrasol Antifreeze 50%, Degrasol Antifreeze 94%, Degrasol Summer Coolant Plus, Radiator Conditioner, Radiator Flush, Battery Acid, Battery Additives

Solvent & Water Base Degreasers

Engine Clean, Degrasol HD, Degrasol Engine Cleaner, Power Degreaser, Degrasol Pro-Clean, Degrasol S.P Degreaser,Degrasol S.P Degreaser, Degrasol Degreaser S.P Plus, Powerblast

Protectors, Renewers, Strippers & Cleaners

Engine-Glo, Industrial Fall Out, Insect-O-Strip, Tar Bitumen Remover, Caprikleen 150

Bumper Dressings

Bumper Dressing, Bumper Sealer

Mag Wheel Cleaners

Mag Clean, Mag Clean Delux,

Tyre Polish Renewers & Protectors

Tyre White, Tyre Glaze, Tyre Glaze N.S, Tyre Lube, Tyre Paint, Tyre Shine, Tyre Slip, Tyre Black Wax, Astra Soft Soap

Undercarriage Spray