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Safety gloves to protect hands from cuts, puncture, knives, glass, and needlesticks. Choose from coated gloves, chemical resistant gloves, electrical gloves and more.

Protective Wear

Protective clothing to keep you safe, warm & dry. We have freezer jackets and trousers that provides comfort and protection against the cold, wet and freezer storage environment as well as ensuring resistance to wind, water and the cold with an industrial strength. We also have reflective clothing to keep you at high visibility and boiler suits worn in the workplace to protect the wearer and his or her clothing from spills, stains, cuts, burns, and other occupational hazards.

Disposable Wear

Designed to meet all your needs, guaranteeing comfortable use and better protection, easy to use and to dispose when not required anymore. Choose from aprons, disposable gloves and disposable dusk masks.

Foot Wear

We have gumboots that are designed for men and women, and can be found in the colors of basic black or white.