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Hand Towel Dispensers

Hand towel dispensers are not only beautifully designed, they can also help increase drying efficiency and help promote hand hygiene.

Centrefeed Dispensers

A range of centrefeed dispensers that improve hygiene, control usage, and help reduce costs.

Folded Towel Dispensers

Our wide-range of Folded Hand Towel Dispensers offer one of the most cost-effective solutions for hand drying.

Interleave Dispensers

Interleave dispensers can be topped up when required and eliminates roll waste helping to save time and money, whilst delivering a more hygienic and neater-looking washroom.

Hand Soap Dispensers

A range of soap dispensers that promote hygiene, improve comfort and care, and help control costs. More and more people are concerned about germs and hand soap dispensers can provide them with more comfort.

Sanitary Bins

Sanitary bins help ensure a clean and tidy washroom environment is maintained by providing your washroom visitors with a convenient place to dispose of their discarded paper towels.

Aerosol Dispensers

Studies show that a fresh fragrance is very important to the experience of a clean toilet, room, or venue. Our dispensers are not only appropriate for use in upscale homes, but they do a great job in high-end establishments such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, etc.

Air Purifying Dispensers

Cleans air with nature's aromatic essences and eliminates odour, bacteria and viruses.

Wall And Floor Dispensers

Wall and floor dispensers are installed at a working height for convenience. They are used to quickly and easily dispense paper wipers from a large roll; busy food areas, helping to maintaining hygiene standards.

Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispensers

Jumbo toilet roll dispensers are a great addition to any washroom that has high traffic. It reduces wastage, controls cost and is able to resist rough treatment in high traffic areas.

Toilet Roll Dispensers

Our toilet roll holder range comprises of the standard model and a design vandal proof holder. Various sizes e.g. (2, 3 or 5) toilet roll holders. Lockable and wall mounted stackable toilet roll holders. These units require less changing and refilling.

Wet Wipe Dispensers

Versatile and convenient, wet wipe dispensers has been designed to dispense one wet wipe at a time, while keeping the remaining stock as fresh as new.

Baby Care Stations

A safe and hygienic baby care station service is vital in any washroom or baby changing facility.

Urinal and Toilet Sanitiser Dispensers

Help comabt and reduce the risk of infection with our urinal and toilet sanitisers. Toilet and urinal sanitiser dispensers provide the most effective solution that ensures clean, sanitised and odour free toilets and urinals 24hours a day.

Hand Dryers

Our hand dryer units bring efficiency to commercial restrooms by effectively using energy and resources without affecting performance. Also a great way to eliminate the spreading of germs.

Serviettes And Kitchen Towels

Serviettes and kitchen towels are becoming an essential part of every modern household. They can be used in the kitchen while cooking, in the garage, for braais or for different cleaning chores.

Facial Tissues

You need extra care while cleaning or moisturizing your face. Facial tissue can also be used for many other things such as a runny nose and for congestion in the allegy sesson. Compared to handkerchiefs, facial tissues are more hygienic and safe since they are disposable.