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Today we are one of the largest suppliers of SABS approved floorcare products supplying the industrial, commercial and domestic market. Our WIZARD floorcare products boast a complete range from ammoniated and none ammoniated strippers, a range of maintenance products, removable detergent resistant floor polish polymers, highly durable stain resistant floor sealers as well as wood and concrete cleaners and sealers.

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Acrylic Floor Sealer

Wizard W.C.T. Sealer 25%

Acrylic Floor Polishers

Wizard Diamond Glow 25%, Wizard Eezy Shine 20%, Wizard Floor Shine 15%, Wizard Floorbrite 12%

Floor Maintenance Products

Wizard Spray Buff, Wizard Mop & Buff, Wizard Floor Maintainer

Floor Strippers

Wizard T-Strip, Wizard Ammostrip, Wizard W.C.T STRIPPER

Wooden Floors

Wizard Liquid Wax Polish, Wizard White Wax, Wizard Queeny Purple Wax, Wizard Queeny Liquid Wax

Carpet Care

Wizard Carpet-Glo, Wizard Carpet Fresh Powder Country Fresh, Wizard Carpet Fresh Powder Cherry, Wizard Deodorising Powder Pine, Wizard Steam-It, Wizard Steam-L, Wizard Steam-P

Concrete Cleaners

Wizard Autoscrub, Wizard Cemseal, Wizard Conkleen, Wizard Acid Floor Restorer, Wizard Floorkleen Powder, Wizard Floorkleen Yellow, Wizard Oilsorb, Wizard Two Phase Cleaner