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We boast with a very large variety of divisions catering for most sectors within the market, namely: automotive, biological, contract manufacturing, construction, dairy, engineering, floorcare, food and beverage, hospitality, laundry, marine, personal care, retail and veterinary.

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For over 20 years Caprichem has driven the progress as a leader in the development of products and processes in the automotive industry. We introduced our first car shampoo in 1995, and since then have continued to design a complete range of Stallion products.


Caprichem is very focused on sustainability, ensuring that the cleaning producst we use are safe for people and the environment, a reality fast becoming increasingly important.

Contract Manufacturing

Caprichem continuously works hand in hand with our Raw Material Importers in developing new products and keeping up to date with new developments abroad. Our contract manufacturing division constantly requires us to develop products for those whom we manufacture for.


Our construction chemicals division offers advanced chemicals solutions for new construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures: concrete admixtures, cement additives, chemical solutions for underground construction, waterproofing systems, sealants, concrete repair & protection


We develop a wide spectrum of specialized detergents for dairy industries. Our products are offered with germicidal effects. These are used for cleaning of food & pharmaceuticals making machinery and equipment. Caprichem has developed the use of dairy chemicals for processing and sanitation


Caprichem has been developing and producing cleaning- and metal surface treatment products since 1995. We supply an innovative and complete range of quality cleaning chemicals such as industrial cleaners, rust removers, convertors and brighteners, etc.


Today we ae one of the largest suppliers of SABS approved floorcare products supplying the industrial, commercial and domestic market. Our WIZARD floorcare products boast a complete range from ammoniated and none ammoniated strippers, a range of maintenance products, etc.

Food and Beverage

Our HYGENIE brand offers products for food processing facilities to poultry farms, breweries to beverage manufacturers, dairies to bakeries, restaurants to food retailers for all food preparation areas and food factories.


Our complete range of products, means your guests are greeted by shining surfaces, sparkling glass, immaculate floors and gleaming tableware everywhere they look. Choose the right cleaning products to help you deliver more than ever to your customers.


Caprichem offers a premuim line of high quality detergents, spotters and additives for laundry and dry cleaning. Full range of laundry products designed for banquet facilities, hotels, hospitals, and long term care, from softeners, that soften the fabric and to starches that stiffen it.


Caprichem has been developing and producing cleaning- and metal surface treatment products since 1995. We supply an innovative and complete range of quality cleaning chemicals such as marine cleaners, rust removers, convertors and brighteners, etc.

Personal Care

Our Personal Care products supplies consumers with health and beauty products designed to promote health, vitality, beauty, and overall good living. Enjoy and experience the vast range of FANTASIA OILS, bathroom shower gels, bath salts and more.


Caprichem offers a vast amount of products for nearly every daily living cleaning requirements. Browse through our air fresheners, all purpose cleaners, disinfectants, dishwashing liquids, washing powders, liquid bleaches, fabric softeners, window cleaners and so many others.


Veterinary is one of new divisions. At Caprichem we understand the importance of looking after our animal friends and seeing to their daily needs.