Caprichem offers a premuim line of high quality detergents, spotters and additives for laundry and dry cleaning. Full range of laundry products designed for banquet facilities, hotels, hospitals, and long term care, from softeners, that soften the fabric and to starches that stiffen it, and products that extend the life of fabrics.

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Laundry Products

Full range of laundry products designed to help extend life of fabrics, high foam washing powder, liquid laundry detergent manual dosing, alkali boosters, brighteners and protein strippers, liquid and powder bleach.

Liquid Laundry

Concentrated liquid laundry products to be dosed through Caprichem's dosing units. Liquid laundry bleaches, liquid laundry alkali boosters, softeners and souring agents.

Dri Kleen

Choose from our available dry cleaning products, our range includes fabric softeners, line sprays, washing powders and many others.

Laundry & Textile Spotters

Laundry and textile spotters for most bleachable stains such as coffee, tea, fruit juice, etc. At Caprichem we have various laundry degreasers and disinfectants and textile spotters to help you get rid of those stubborn stains and to keep your laundry freshly scented.

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