Our complete range of products, means your guests are greeted by shining surfaces, sparkling glass, immaculate floors and gleaming tableware everywhere they look. Choose the right cleaning products to help you deliver more than ever to your customers.

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Air Fresheners

Starfresh Cherry, Starfresh Floral, Starfresh Citrus, Starfresh Lavender, Starfresh Peach, Starfresh Tutti Frutti

All Purpose Cleaners

Caprikleen NP, Caprkleen D, Dux Caprikleen, Dux Klentol, SP Degreaser, Neutradet, Active Gel Lemon Micro Beads, Active Gel Spring Fresh Micro Beads, Ammoclean, Dux Power Scour, All Purpose Cleaner Lemon Scented/Lavender/Spring Fresh, Citro-Magic, Pine Gel, GPD Powder, Scram Scouring Powder

Cooking and Chafing Dish Fuel

Hygenie Spirit Jelly, Blue Heat


Powercid, Lavoclean, Germ-O-Cid, Cremphen, Sanipine, Antibac Cherry, Antibac Pine Scented, Superbac Lavender, Superbac Pine, Germ Buster Citrus, Germ Buster Floral, Mould & Mildew Buster, Germ Buster Clinical, Sterispray, Germdeo, Capricide Extra, Capricide 20, Capriquat

Dish Wash Liquids

Multidet 750, Multidet 1000, Microdet, Viscodet Clear, Viscodet, Dishwashing Liquid Lemon, Dishwashing Liquid Cherry, Dishwashing Liquid Antibacterial

Dish Machine Detergents

Autodet Clear, Autorinse, Autodet Powder, Stain-Away, Lime Scale Remover

Drain Cleaners

Caustic Soda, Drain-O-Crystals, Drain-O-Liquid

Food Base Products

Vinegar Brown 5%, Vinegar Brown10%, Vinegar Clear 5%, Vinegar Clear 10%

Furniture Care

Furniture Polish Lemon Scented, Furni-Oil Darkwood, Furni-Oil Light Wood, Furniture Polish Cream, Brass Bright Liquid, Brass Bright Paste

Hand Soaps

Peach Hand Soap, Pearly Blue Hand Soap, Pearlette Hand Soap, Pearly White Hand Soap, Sanisoap, Instant Hand Sanitiser, Hand Guard Barrier Cream

Liquid Bleach

Hyposan, Coral, Lemon Liquid Bleach, Pot Pourri Liquid Bleach, Regular Liquid Bleach

Maxi Range

Maxi-Fresh, Maxi Multi Purpose, Maxi Neutral Detergent, Maxi-Disinfectant, Maxi-Detergent Sanitiser, Maxi-Windows

Oven, Grill & Smoke House Cleaners

Hygenie Cutting Edge, Hygenie Grill, Dux Cutting Edge, Dux Grill, Dux Grid, Dux Grid Soak, Dux Pot Soak, Smoke-Off, Filterclean

Refuse Bin Cleaners & Sanitisers

Black Dip D, Black Dip A, Black Dip Ultra, White Dip, Kleen Bin 555, Kleen Bin 444 Citrus, Kleen BIn 333 Pine, Kleen Bin 222 Pine, Insect-O-Kill

Sanitary Toilet Cleaners

Sanibin Powder Blue, Sanibin Powder Floral, Sanibin Powder Citrus, Sanibin Powder Brown, Bus Loo Bloo 65%, Porta Blue Concentrated TFP, Porta Blue EC, Porta Blue EC Contracts, Prozyme PTC-10XFF, Porta Fresh

Toilet Disinfectants

Deo Blocks, Urinal Tabs Cherry, Urinal Tabs Lavender, Urinal Tabs Tutti Frutti, Lavoclean, Toilet Bowl Powder, Toilet Bowl Cleaner Thin, Toilet Bowl Cleaner Thick

Window Cleaners

Windows Concentrated Glass Cleaner, Windows None Drip Formula, Geco Window And Glass Cleaner

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