Our Personal Care products supplies consumers with health and beauty products designed to promote health, vitality, beauty and overall good living. Enjoy and experience the vast range of FANTASIA POT POURRI OILS, FANTASIA Shower Gels, FANTASIA Bath Salts and FANTASIA Bubble Baths.

Fantasia Potpourri Oils

Take your senses on a magical journey with FANTASIA'S enchanting range of potpourri oils. Revitalise it. Uplift it. Soothe it with Fantasia's enchanting range of quality Potpourri Oils.

Fantasia Liquid Hand Soaps

A luxurious pleasantly perfumed liquid hand soap. It has been formulated with the finest of raw materials, enriched with moisturisers and emollients that soften hands and prevent drying of skin. It is the ideal hand soap for people that wash their hands frequently.

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