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Caprichem has been developing and producing cleaning- and metal surface treatment products since 1995. We supply an innovative and complete range of quality cleaning chemicals such as industrial cleaners, rust removers, convertors and brighteners, etc.

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Industrial Cleaners & Metal Brighteners

Aluclean, Aluwash, Caprisan F1, Capri-De-Rust, Rust Convertor, Bright Acid Dip,C.F Acid Scale Remover Powder, Carbo-clean, Caprikleen 100, PVC Cleaner, A.C Solvent, Graffiti Cleaner, Penetrating Oil Aerosol, Penetrating Oil Bulk, Carburator Cleaner, Glue Strip, Glue Clean, Scalex

Electrical Contact Cleaners

Electrosolv F, Electrosolv S

Engine Coolants

DEGRASOL Antifreeze 94%, DEGRASOL Antifreeze 50%, DEGRASOL Summer Coolant Glycol Plus, Radiator Conditioner, Radiator Flush

Heavy Duty All Purpose Cleaners

Powerblast, Rotafoam, Rotaclean

Solvent & Water Base Degreasers

DEGRASOL HD, DEGRASOL Engine Cleaner, Power Degreaser, DEGRASOL Pro-Clean HD, S.P Degreaser, S.P Degreaser Plus

Industrial Hand Cleaners

DEGRASOL Grime-Go Hand Cleaner Grit, Caprigel Grit, Caprigel Grit Citrus, Caprigel Grit Yellow, Caprigel Smooth, DEGRASOL Hand Cleaner Grit Cherry, Citrogel, DEGRASOL Hand Guard Barrier Cream, Degrasol Micro Magic