Caprichem offers a vast amount of products for nearly every day living cleaning requirements. Browse through our air fresheners, all purpose cleaners, disinfectants, dishwashing liquids, washing powders, liquid bleaches, fabric softeners, window cleaners and so many others.

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Air Fresheners

Stafresh Cherry, Stafresh Floral, Stafresh Citrus, Stafresh Lavender, Stafresh Peach, Stafresh Tutti Fruitti

All Purpose Cleaners

Citro-Magic, Pinegel, Washing Soda, All Purpose Cleaner Lemon, All Purpose Cleaner Lavender, All Purpose Cleaner Spring Fresh, Caprikleen, Klentol, Active Gel Lemon Microbeads, Active Gel Spring Fresh Microbeads, Scram Scouring Powder, Toilet Bowl Cleaner Powder, Brass Brite, PC & Screen Cleaner

Cooking and Chafing Dish Fuel

Hygenie Spirit Jelly, DUX Blue Heat

Carpet Care

Carpet Shake Sweet Cherry, Carpet Shake Country Fresh


Powercid, Lavoclean, Germ-O-Cid, Cremphen, Sanipine, Antibac Cherry, Antibac Pine Scented, Superbac Lavender, Superbac Pine, Germ Buster Citrus, Germ Buster Floral, Germ Buster Clinical

Dish Wash Liquids

Dishwashing Liquid Lemon, Dishwashing Liquid Cherry, Dishwashing Liquid Antibacterial, Dishwashing Liquid Super

Drain Cleaners

Caustic Soda, Drain-O-Crystals, Drain-O-Liquid

Furniture Care

Furniture Polish Lemon Scented, Furni-Oil Darkwood, Furni-Oil Light Wood

Laundry Products

Fabric Softener Apple, Fabric Softener Country Fresh, Fabric Softener Lavender, Fabric Softener Blue Lilly, Fabric Softener Peach, Fabric Softener Spring Fresh, Linen Spray Rose, Linen Spray Country Fresh, Linen Spray Strawberry, Lemon Liquid Bleach, Pot Pourri Liquid Bleach, Regular Liquid Bleach, Washing Powder Auto Micro, Washing Powder Hand Wash

Oven and Braai Cleaners

Cutting Edge, Grill, Grid, Grid Soak, Pot Soak

Window Cleaners

Windows Concentrated Glass Cleaner, Windows Non-Drip Formula, Geco Window And Glass Cleaner

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